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Accidence of the Gods

A nominal rarity

unheard in ordinary occurrence,

Inflicting the self

in manifested circumstance;

Instances of living spirits

skewed up spatially,

Heightened existence

at unknown orbitals mysteriously;

An accidence towards

ethereal eventuality !


Dangerously fluidic

and dilute lavishes-

Of  all the  pampers ,

riches and conceits,

Miniscules maximally

to a pin drop pithiness..

A pithy pumping heartiness,

Plummeting down

to depths unfathomable..

Spading out those

invincible ions,

From the hotspots

otherwise unventurable;

An accidence towards

a transforming transcendence !


Traversing the tangled transgressions,

With souls intensified to

infinite concretions;

Coalescing only for dispersing

the discrete divineness,

Unleashing into the


An accidence towards

endless eternality!


gods have been

contemplating constantly..

In infusing a bit

of his own perpetuity

to the abrupt finity,

In inflecting from the

grammar of creativity;

Its the accidence of

the contemporary gods,

The eternalised souls are

the obvious evidence !