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Musical Muse

There is a dream hidden

in the brush of a painter

to paint a masterpiece

with haste strokes of images

never seen before.

Fingers pick elusive colours

from virgin rainbow is yet

to sweep his dream.

A silent music is heard

in the layers of painting.


There is a poetry hidden

in the heart of a musician.

Broken words of verses

scattered in the lyrics unsung.

It lies unattended

like an unwritten poetry

waiting to be composed as song.

Soul breathe gala of Raagas

in the layers of music.


There is a desire hidden

in the centre of every stone

to come alive as statuette

through its own sculpturist

who searches his pristine stone

to carve his dream statue

to get fall in love forever.

Mritunjaya Mantra echoes

in the depth of the statuette.


There is a divinity hidden

in the bud of every flower

for an eternal blooming.

Its soft petals simply uncurls

before it flaunts its beauty

before its virgin smell haunt.

It desires silently

never to be plucked ever.

There is soothing symphony

rafting over the clouds.

© Maaya Dev

Foot Notes:

Mritunjay Mantra : Great Death-Conquering hymn from Rigveda

Raga : Musical notes having different scale