What makes you what you claim to be

Asked the very essence of Life to me

As I presented myself in front of it

Seeking solely to adhere to the wishes of the skies;

Which stipulate that I am to hold on to it;

As long as Existence would allow me to!


Why, I know not about that,

I just be, as stars do,

I just be, as flowers do,

I just be, as oceans and waves do,

I just be, as I am meant to be

Mysterious and enigmatic

Loving and forgiving

Tolerant and peaceful

Sometimes swirling in the mundane plane

At other times, soaring in the yet unseen ones!


Pray, when the world and its origin

Remain as enigmatic puzzles

Who am I to bother about deciphering myself?

My own meaning remains smouldered in that of

The entire Universe,

A yet to be expounded body

A yet to be uncovered expanse

A yet to be explored mass!


Why, Life, made up of your own subaqueous essence

Accept me as I claim to be

Synchronize with me

Ask no questions

Simply learn to cling on to the vines that protrude from my being

And enjoy the ride with me!

3 thoughts on “Synchroneity

  1. Nalini Srivastava

    It is pleasure to read this naturalistic poem which appeals to the element of nature in our souls,who does not want to outshine the nature.Rather being one with nature is the whole sole goal.

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