Surgeon’s cap day

A day before an operation
My doctor brisked to my bed
for a customary visit –
A bespectacled man
Full of familiarity with his art
Both on his beaming face and his gloved hands
As it comes with any connoisseur
As and when he stands in front of you

On the day of my operation
I was serialized to a waiting pavilion
From where, sitting on a wheelchair
A patient is lodged at its destined place –
An etherized table

My BP took an upward trend
As my heart started beating a little faster
But seeing all the glitter and the greenery
Spread over the operation table
I was rest assured that some freshness
Always comes with the greenery

Next, I was
Bedecked with a transparent mask
And was reminded twice and thrice repeatedly to
‘take a longer breath, and exhale’

Rest is on the side of
A “Surgeon’s cap day”

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