Sunday Morning People

The sound of people
leading ordinary lives,
People pushing wheelie bins
down craggy concrete drives,
People washing cars
on early Sunday morning,
While other people stay in bed
stretch arms and still are yawning,
People pushing lawnmowers
in Sunday morning sun,
while the sizzle sizzle sound
of a Sunday joint is done,
People playing radios
Old songs that we’ve all heard,
drowning out the trilling song
of every singing bird,
Men back from pubs
Yelling at their wives,
Sounds and sound of people
Leading ordinary lives.

(Authorial Rights in this work have been asserted)

4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning People

  1. Sameer

    Very visual and great sounds in it which creates a great feeling and actually it paints the great picture a Sunday morning. Nostalgic …great work Martin

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