Summertime Blues

In wind swept desolate grasses
I lay gazing at the sky above
Dreams pass like floating clouds
In a blue azure canvas of love

Salty air fresh from the sea
Roses, Honeysuckle, and Thyme
Sweet fragrances speak to my senses
Take over me, wash away my defenses

Dragonflies like warriors slice through the air
Monarch butterflies majestically free
Cicadas sing a soulful song
A song yet to be found in me

Sunshine shining through me
Lighting me from within
Warm like a childhood blanket
Feels like home on my silky skin

3 thoughts on “Summertime Blues

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The very act of re-visiting,and then re-reading albeit randomly,previously overlooked works is a pleasure in itself. ” Summertime Blues”,(the title itself forever associated with Eddie Cochran) , is an exquisitely etched poem, both fragrant and delicate with lots of sensual detail.

  2. Frank Loomer

    So lovely, you have such a delicate turn of phrase, pitting that sense of delicacy, softness, innocence with the harsher vicissitudes of life encountered with childhood’s end. (Is that a pun on Arthur C Clark? something i read when i was 14 or so) Last verse so nice just lights up for me! super blend of touching/feeling and visual.

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