Style..(Rebooted as”Hepcats” 12/6/2020)

over at Maxi’s
next door to the Flamingo,
friday nite cool;
Coltrane on his Blue Train,
Philly Joe’s drums hustlin’
for space and time
tryin’ to fill a vacuum
that Coltrane never leaves;
piercing gliding whetted
Coltrane’s sax cuttin’ the joint
& cuttin’ the nite into ribbons
of color,strands of splendor
intoxicating innuendo for
Hepcats their mint juleps
colder hemp harder
dirtier like primordial notation
drivin’ that Blue Train along
outbound bound beyond
all talk all senses
over at Maxi’s
next door to the Flamingo
friday nite cool.

footnote on ” Hepcat “.
A stylish or fashionable person, especially in the sphere of jazz or popular music:

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