Stripped Back

Stripped back

pared down

all embellishment removed;

remember how tears burn

what pain tastes like

how sharp the blade was

they drove into your back,

the texture of your heart

as it got torn out of you;

our own catharsis

what a slap in the face

really feels like,

how tired your legs are

after a twenty mile hike,

the absence of rest

the lack of water;

The bell that never sounds

the Round that never ends,

spit, blood and bone merge

distorted into the camera lens;

jagged and real

all too real,

pared down

stripped back

4 thoughts on “Stripped Back

  1. lokesh roy

    Utter pain and anguish , sometimes needs a release. It’s best done in the form of poetry by the sufferer himself or as a moving piece of tribute for others , as the case may be .In any event the poet has to have that flair as depicted here.

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