Street Singer

The tall,
Dark brown man,
Clad in a white kurta,
And a dhoti,
With a decorated,
Round topi,
On his head,
A prayer bell in his hand,
A lone man,
On the wide streets,
Of Mumbai,
Hymns of God,
In a very strong,
Sharp voice,
Which reverberates across the,
A large,
Number of population.
Who get tempted,
To peep,
Out of their,
AC bedrooms,
And French windows,
And leaves,
Them enthralled.

© Srishti Sharm

8 thoughts on “Street Singer

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Street Singer ” is a well observed work in , what might be called , poetic Pointillism.

    [ Editorial footnote ] The author might care to consider the following errata.
    1) Should it not read, ” air conditioned ” rather than AC bedrooms ?
    2) ” And leaves, Them enthralled ” ?

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