Stray Thoughts on a Wet Afternoon

What colour would the colour blue be

if we decided to call it something else ?

What if you didn’t answer my questions

and I didn’t answer yours ,

what then would the answer be ?

What if we set off late

to catch the train at the station

knowing we would miss it ,

would it then run on time

and call at all the stations ?

What if you heard someone say

that none of this really matters ,

would it make all your days go away ?

and what colour would

the colour blue be ?

1 thought on “Stray Thoughts on a Wet Afternoon

  1. Vineetha

    Makes me think.
    Blue would be blue albeit known by some other name. Unanswered questions would remain suspended in midair hoping to latch onto an answer passing by
    so that they can settle somewhere.
    Trains cannot be depended upon. You might just catch it.
    Actually none of this matters.
    Louis sir, loved your poem 🙂


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