Straight from the heart.

I don’t know what my heart wants,

Vast expanse of greenery or cozy company,

The freedom of the sky,

Or the confinement of a heart.

I really don’t understand

This crazy heart of mine.

Longings take a sinuous turn

Sometimes leaping towards the sky

Sometimes steeping towards the sea.

Eager to abandon all to reach unattainable heights ,

or sink in the enigmatic depths

Of why, why not , when and who ?

The past seems a long dream

All attachments, mere myths.

And the future a mirage,

A fooling charade.

And it is the present that baffles ,

Unable to decide, why this restlessness in me ?

I wish, suddenly a beam of light,

Would shine from somewhere, somehow

And enlighten me of the desire of the heart.

Or is it that the heart has stopped desiring.

So the world looks so insipid, so strange !

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