Stilled ~

Stilled beyond existence

The sky
lets the clouds
pass by…

The clouds
glide like
milling crowds…

I try to blend in
but I’m kicked out-
and I give in…

Passion is a star
that glints at me
From spaces afar…

I no more
feel its heat
or its core…

Lights dim
outside my heart
like my whim…

I bite my lip,
find the last
warm bit’s tip…

Right there
I stop moving
like I care…

But bits of truth
that pain shows
rarely soothe…

I slowly return
to the sky that
starts to burn…

There, maybe
I’ll find you glowing
beyond me…

And… I will be
Stilled beyond existence

One last time…

~ sana rose ~
November 25th, 2012

8 thoughts on “Stilled ~

  1. Sana Rose Post author

    Thank you, Louis.
    I post my poetry in many places but yours is the only comment and feedback that draws out the soul of a poem and tells me more about my own words than I knew when I penned them. Thank you so very much..

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    Criticism,the practical and interactive response to a work of Art,cannot be anything other than intrinsic to the process of production that gives rise to and produces a unique work of art.Writers engage with their craft when they are writing,but only when they learn and practise and become adept at Criticism,do they actually “produce”more than simply their own work.I always seek to encourage others to engage more deeply with their own craft.

  3. lokesh roy

    I am completely at one with Louis Kasatkin- his commitment for poetry self-evident from the way he finds time to comment on each of our poetry ! Sana Rose is absolutely right in her comment- and splendidly passionate in her poetry…..”Right there
    I stop moving
    like I care… “.

  4. Amol Redij

    Sana… I like your poem.

    Though I can write poetry, (good or bad or average I don’t know) I am pathetic at understanding and analysing a poetry. And reading it like Louis and Lokesh and the likes, and providing an apt feedback on it, seems like a distant finishing line to me.

    However, “Stilled” leaves me ‘stirred’ within expressionless unable to express what is going in my mind. I can only say that this the most beautiful work from you in the recent time. You are slowly turning to serious poetry, which I always wanted you to. Perhaps, you will decode “just write” for whom, why, and for what does not matter. Let the words take their own course, be there just to observe that they (words) don’t get hurt. As far a people are concerned, don’t bother about if anyone is getting hurt or feeling bad. Write because YOU want to WRITE and not because THEY want to READ.


  5. Sana Rose Post author

    Thanks, yes, I always try to do that – write cos I want to write, not what they want to read. Even though that has led me to understand that happiness is not my subject of poetry but the result of my poetry. Thanks again.

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