If we stood still
for long enough,
and Time stood still
beside us,
would we still
be still standing,
standing still beside the
time as it now stood,
standing at that time
when we chose to do 
nothing and go nowhere
so that we would be
all alone and still;
standing with Time itself
that has always 

4 thoughts on “Still

  1. Amita Paul

    We certainly would be still and stiff as wood in case we Time stood still and we too still with it but the fact is that Time never stands still , nor do we.
    An attempt at a “ thought – twister “ ( on the lines of a tongue -twister ), requiring mental gymnastics to comprehend , but in turning the phrase
    “ would we still
    be still standing “
    perhaps one “ still “ is redundant even beyond the stretch of poetic licence , especially when followed by “ standing still “.


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