States of matter

Ruminating on the Many vistas of life-

I wonder what great  notions and philosophies 

My life had rotated and revolved around for decades endlessly  ?                                         

The great truth dawns on my puny self!

Sans a peepal tree or a cave,

The great revelation sinks in,

My life of course Keeps revolving

 Round  and round only two things -Solids and liquids!

These two states of matter,

Have kept me busy 

All through my precious  long life every single day.

Eyes opened ablutions  rushed through,

Walk straight to the stove,

Keeping in mind the nuances of coffee making

 Transferred from generations Of coffee makers-

A cuppa  Kumbakonam degree coffee gets ready,

Here I begin my day with my share of   liquid

It is breakfast time

Keeping in mind my partner’s taste buds

As well as frightening calories

A mid way cuisine of sorts gets ready

And here I have my dosage of solid!

A mid morning  green tea or black tea ensures your good health,

There I go again -My rendezvous with liquid.

Eat your lunch like a prince or a king

But it must have some authentic Tamilian ,Keralite or punjabi dishes

There goes my brush with solids again!

Another coffee and yet another elaborate dinner

There goes my roller coaster ride of-Solid liquid,solid liquid,solid liquid!

Like Buddha  the revelation has dawned on me

That just two states of matter

Can make your life revolve round it!!!

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I am a freelance writer based at Coimbatore in India.An avid reader and an occasional blogger, I write for popular newspapers in India and for many online Platforms. A cancer survivor trying to live every single day of my life meaningfully.

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