She sat still on the pavement of life,
She glanced at the faces of passersby,
Her eyes were twinkling with the tears,
She still holds her dignity, but with fear,

Some crushed her soul under their feet,
Some crushed her innocent heart beats,
Some torn away her innate pride, and
Some took away her joyful birth right,

She was denied the right of being called Human,
And all that was done without genuine reason,
Her existence was to fulfill the base human desires,
To burn her dreams on the log of customs pyre,

To face her counterparts lustful carving for her body,
And here is the irony, she was still called the “lady”
But there she is still on the lonely pavement of life,
Asking for the honor, that she once was denied,

Pondering on the flowers of Humanity, she groped,
Her dim eyes twinkled with the sparkles of HOPE.


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