Spare me my thoughts

The sky is blue, said a funny old man humming
-but it’s nude,
quipped a young man of twenty something
-did you say ‘ rude’ my dear !,
did I hear you right? asked the old man again,
-nude or rude, how on earth it makes  sense for sky of all things,
a gentleman  seated near by however offered to butt in
-perhaps the guy is mad
out of too much obscene viewing
or  a  youth  thrown out of job
in love ,  merely daydreaming
knowing  the sky can never be nude;
to which the youth did reveal- for me the sky is the limit,
spare me my thoughts , to lay bare the stars to you all- as a poet at least !…

4 thoughts on “Spare me my thoughts

  1. lokesh roy

    Dear Mr Gopal Lahiri,
    I feel that your complement is true & from the depths of your heart ! I prize such encouragements coming from a poet of your repute , who is as true to his work, as he is to his brethren.Thank you,sir.

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