If I would have filled the sky with your face
the seas would have mirrored you as a cloud
If I would have sung the mermaids song
the waves would have washed your eyes with their foam
My sky won’t fit you
My song is a whisper
The waves are late tears
The mermaids have gone to other stories
In your eyes a smile is lost
bitter like this morning coffee
a wave is breaking us apart
our eyelashes flashing
our lips flickering
our bodies exhausted by dreams
tornadoes lifted in the skies
sands eroding all the passions
My sky won’t fit you anymore
My song is silent
In other stories the mermaids are lost
by now…

10 thoughts on “Song

  1. Sunil Sharma

    Romance—deconstructed so competently and well—typical Julia Gherghei. Enjoyed the twists and turns and the reference to sad mermaids, very touching, in a post-modern and post-human world.

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