I get everything wrong.

Try too hard,

think too much,

and care with a passion that doesn’t belong to this world.


I beat myself up,

letting others define me.

Listening to lost voices,

in grey places,

ever spinning in contagious conflict.


Then I pause, and think of You.

Or maybe, Your hand reaches down?


My Heartcry, my Lifespring, my Love……….

 The Enemy has no lasting power.


Somedays are just that,

moments of self doubt

when I take my eyes off You.

How much You love me,

as I am.


Even on Somedays.

2 thoughts on “Somedays

  1. Sarala Ramkamal

    simply conveyed the greatest thing.. and taking eyes off him now and then make a big difference … it teaches us this very simple truth on our return to Him 🙂


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