Solitude, of Heart!

It’s you I need beside my heart as hand-in-hand we live

To help with daily struggles, or quality of life.

I close my eyes, to help me through each moment I must live

In knowledge of this Solitude, of Heart!

I close my eyes, with open hands do try I deed, this clutch of straw

But with tempestuous tears, at instant realisation it’s you indeed, I Love.


No want of need, of deep desire, shall I ask of thee

For if it’s ever reciprocated, romance is sure the key.

I’ll never wish this solitude, of heart upon your soul, upon your heart.

I cry at thought, a single sound, a touch, I close my eyes

Where secret I must clutch at straws, a wish, a need, a dream – no more!


I close my eyes to feel, upon life’s realisation that

Solitude of Heart, have I, I have no place of right

To live in knowledge, of your own heart, and what I mean to thee!

In Solitude of Heart I’ll live, that maybe one day past

Our unity of living, of loving as I close my eyes,

Was a moment past, a cliché of something pure!


I dare not ask of you this thing; I’ll never be selfish so,

I’ll live in knowledge, heart-entwined; you’ve found a soul to love.

Hold her tight, treat her right, and never let her go

Share your hearts-entwined, happiness again will meet

In knowledge you’re not alone!


Now life dictates this Solitude, of Heart now I must live

Bodies may be stationary, yet heart, if loved, is yours!

I’ll never live as hearts once found, within a clutch of straw,

Where meadows shined upon with sun, noondays’ heat,

Where hand-in-hand as heart meets heart now stays the course,

True love gave way, to live!


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2012

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