Solitary leaf

A leaf came rustling down the earth
Whispering soft by the evening breeze
Taking all the stories of its last fall
From the verdant branches of a chirping tree

Slowly and slowly the long eastern light
Started settling down the dusky west
And the night came unveiling its granite face
Sporting ignis fatuus of the hooting nights

Many occasions pressed shoveling the dark
With the tenacity of the burning heart
Tiny creatures peeped teeming with bright eyes
Yet, I could not find the mistaken identity of my solitary leaf

3 thoughts on “Solitary leaf

  1. suzette portes san jose

    one day soon we will kiss the ground like all the leaves swaying happilly …someday they will fall one by one then in the days and more the leaf be gone and forgotten with all the memories of beauty once before stands up like a crown on a beautiful standing tree…its the world and life 🙂

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