Soaking in hope

If wishes do come true

If tomorrows do be brighter

If yearnings do be assuaged

It simply means that hope lives on

Hope lives on and struggles to be

Just to keep us warmer in spirit!


Pray, without it, what would we be

If not heartless beings

Having no sensibility and no desire

To smile for no reason

To heal our cracked hearts

To breathe in snugly when the sun’s rays would

Immerse us in its glow

To dream, yes to dream

Of better days to come

Days, as we want them to be!


Why, hope is just like the wings of angels

Once it touches us

We immediately shed off our negativity

And let our souls take their own flights

By daring to take a step ahead

Regardless of what may come!


Hope remains as the token of mercy

From the Gods, for, somehow

Even if they do keep away from us

For the sole reason that we fell from their abodes

Why, they do wish us the very best!


Why, hope inhabits me

Hope has built its nest in me

More, it has strengthened the fortress of my heart

By breaking down its reclusive dominion

And by propelling it in the face of life

Hope has flooded my whole being

As if it were a valley, with dry flowers and trees

Dry flowers and trees yearning for colossal amounts of hope

To wake up and to realize of the miracle that surrounds them!


Life, without hope, would be meaningless

Humans, without hope, would be vegetative zombies

And I, without hope, would be a mere robot

But I do know that wishes do come true

I do know that tomorrows can be brighter

I do know that dreams do take concrete forms

Merely, because I have the particles of hope

Bursting in my whole being!




2 thoughts on “Soaking in hope

  1. Nalini Srivastava

    Hope ,and we human the eternal hopeful beings,I love this topic and the way you unravel it’s folds,combing them out to straighten them…wonderful


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