So Said Death

I have seen through your heart,
Whispered Death in a cracked voice
I have seen through both your heart
And your soul
I have allowed myself to be immersed in you
And I have watched
Your inner consciousness
As it rolled by
As would a film!

I have seen you through it continued
And I now can claim
To know you
Both inside and out!

You claim to want to meet with me
You claim to love me
You claim to be agonising for me
As if
I were to be your savior
As if
I were to be the magic words
Which you seek for
To move to the realm
Of soothe and comfort!

But your hidden world revealed not so to me
Your hidden world
This thirst that has invaded you for life
This thirst that has made of you a slave of life
You desire life
Both on Earth and there, from where you come from!
You desire salvation,
You desire the fulfilling of God’s prophecy
You desire bliss, both mundane and eternal
Should I scrape your skin off
With my decaying claws
You would simply turn against me
And invoke all the Gods to destroy me!

Why, your drive is too powerful
After all, your aim has been set eons before
Before even Earth and its plane
Came to light
Pray, you desire not me,
You desire a lungful gulp of life
A lungful colossal enough
To fill up every nook of your pores
Of your senses
Of your emotions
With bliss potent enough
As to have you gliding high over fiery clouds!

I become frail faced with your drive
And I can only lower my gaze, my sword
And my might
Merely to allow you to ignite the path
Chosen for you
With bursts of stars
And with petals of passion!

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