Snow Words

Like snow settling
In the roots of trees
The words of poems
Settle down in the folds
Of your being
Are you influenced
By reading my poetry ?
Does it make you
A better person ?
Does it make you
Happy ?
Does it help you
Imagine things
You have not seen,
Remember things
You have forgotten,
Empathise with people
You do not know ?
Read me ,
Or don’t read me ,
My poems
Are changing you :
Don’t worry , though,
They are changing me, too !
Like winter snow
In the bare roots
Of trees in fir woods
Slowly , silently
Over days and over nights
Changing, changing
Changing your mind
Changing its very chemistry.
Choosing not to read me
Will change you too
So you might as well read
These poems
Wherever you find them
I do not publish
Books , so they’ll
Vanish soon.
Catch them like
There’s no tomorrow
One day,
There really won’t
Be one

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