Snow and childhood recovered in Aarhus

The three male MBA students,
Fresh-faced, shy,
After clearing the tough
Accounts exam together,
Felt so elated and de-stressed,
That they danced spontaneously,
As a small rock band on the icy stage,
And played in the
Aarhus snow, lit-up by
A smiling sun,
On a tranquil afternoon,
Almost unwatched,
The three would-be managers,
Letting their guard down and
Sending snow balls gleefully
At each other as harmless missiles:
A Chinese,
An Indian,
And a Dane,
Their laughter, identically same,
Despite the skin difference,
The dulcet sounds,
Echoing and amplified,
In the silent nearby courtyards;
The three adults, otherwise
Working very hard,
Forgetting even the Time,
At that precise moment of
Great abandon and merriment,
Away from international campus,
And demanding text-books,
Re-claiming collectively
Through such a simple but
Universal gesture
Of throwing snow at the other,
A precious
Always buried in books,
And most important,
They re-discovering a common
Bond and Humanity,
In that playful activity
Staged impromptu,
On that white, tempting

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Sunil Sharma is Mumbai-based senior academic, critic, literary editor and author with 22 published books: Seven collections of poetry; three of short fiction; one novel; a critical study of the novel, and, eight joint anthologies on prose, poetry and criticism, and, one joint poetry collection. He is a recipient of the UK-based Destiny Poets’ inaugural Poet of the Year award---2012. His poems were published in the prestigious UN project: Happiness: The Delight-Tree: An Anthology of Contemporary International Poetry, in the year 2015. Sunil edits the English section of the monthly bilingual journal Setu published from Pittsburgh, USA: For more details, please visit the website:

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