Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation my heart weighed heavily upon this earth

As with each day, sorrowed breath

For what life’s day brought new, placing at my feet so worn

Until, one day I felt, deep within my soul, a need

A soul had called outstretched in deepest despair

A need, a yearn, a prayer.


A prayer was I, in humble solitude did plead

To find a soul in need, truly could I help

To ease their pain, to hide from pain my soul did yearn

To do God’s bidding, and move on in life

A rid of grave, and beauty dwell.


One day I found that soul I sought,

to ease their burden, and their pain

Little did I realise what else I was to gain.

Now my soul a friend has found, it’s Eternal mate!


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2013

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