Sleep (Alternate Version)

When  I was a toddler

It came to me with ease.

Later  it was aligned   and timed

To meet home works assigned.

And as youth crept in

for overworked muscles it became,  a boon   

Yet frivolous  youth wasted it to  croon 

And now when worldly chores

Do not worry me anymore

Sleep I find in a distant shore.

Yet I earnestly  approach it  , to take refuge

From the shrieks and cries

Which   inundates the mind

Of thousand bleeding bodies

In clashes of identity , left behind.  

Zealously,   I hold it tightly,  to shut off  

 the howls and moans  of  children  victimized.

Sleep when finally obliges , nightmares invade  

and of  the quintessential sleep I am deprived.

Woken up by sweat and shivers, I toss it away

And ask myself ,do I deserve this sleep ?

So I  sit down with paper and pen and  weave a romantic dream.

For now I have learnt to rejuvenate and find respite

In characters of love whom I define.

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