Silent Ruminations

In the depths of your eyes
And in the density of your warmth
As it was displayed in your smile,
I could see,
The face of my God,
The one for whom I keep praying
Day and night,
Merely to grab me by the arms
And haul me
From the murkiness of the world!

I live for you,
I bear thorns for you,
I accept to be smudged with mud,
Slung to me by my enemies
And I wake up to face each new day
As boldly as would a lioness
Even if in my secret world,
Sad songs play on, guided by
Your own fingers teasing the piano!

Somehow, our story bears the imprint
Of a past life
And I had stupidly thought that
Our dues would be settled in this one
But then,
How cruel a world it is,
Always ready to break us
And to show us
That amidst its essence,
We are naught but mere dust particles
Subject to its own force
And having absolutely no power
Over anything that makes us
That which we are!

I need your depths
To keep on treading
In neck deep snake filled waters!

Yes, Muse,
Leave me not
As life would no more spell
With sparkles and glittery stars,
Potent enough as to open
My mind
To a world where,
You and I,
Would be locked tight
In a poetic matrimony!

3 thoughts on “Silent Ruminations

  1. amitapaul

    This poem is a set of deeply emotional and affecting entreaties by the poet to a thinly disguised Muse who is quite as much a hard – to- get lover as a source of imaginative and creative inspiration . The disguise can equally be called a metaphor .

  2. Suma K Gopal

    Clever use of dramatic monologue by personifying Muse and sharing insights into the poet/speaker’s psyche & state of mind…

  3. Pushmaotee Subrun

    A very heart rending plea to the beloved Muse to give the support ever to face the harshness/ cruelty in this world… another way of looking at this poem is the poet’s love for poetry which acts as an inspiration to her, to keep going despite the mundane blows…


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