Silence…The Eternal Language

Silence sometimes you make me wonder
Sometimes puzzled , sometimes to ponder
The language that is known yet unknown to all
Ah! not to deny silence__The eternal language
Silence! where lies your origin ?
Are you the mist of the mystery that hides not to be unveiled ?
That always seeks and longs the solitude of hermits
On the voyage of discovering the enigmatical subsistence
Are you the lover of inner peace….?
That shelters at the deepest of silence
Delving into the unfathomable halcyon
Are you the mistress of knowledge……..?
That bathes in the depth where all terminates
so as to cease jealously the cause and effect notions
Silence!Where lies the flow of you ?
Are you the divine flow that marks the prsesence of the cosmos ?
That merges itself with self for being the eternal flow
Are you the witful master of the mysteries…?
Playing profoundly the unknowns of all your knowns
Are you the illusion ?
To be graced and embraced with mysteries
That always remains an unfolded vision
What you seek ?

Something beyond the infinity
Or are you a supreme spectator witnessing
The panorama of mind,body and soul of its free will

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