A lush green park,
in the evening light,
surrounded by hills,
priding their might..
The sky behind,
with it’s reddish glow,
with fluffy clouds,
in a silent flow..
The singing birds,
heading home-
little black prints,
on the reddish dome..

To this sight so rare,
I paid no heed,.
No!.. I’m not blind,
or a different breed..
I was just lost,
in a rarer sight..
It was beauty,
at it’s height..
Those black pearls,
in a background white,
vibrant and dancing,
in the evening light..
I saw myself,
floating in them..
My reflection,
like that in a gem..

And in those eyes,
I saw it all..
Her joy and pain,
rise and fall..
Her secrets all,
with nothing to spare,
her heart to me,
she held bare..
For a long time,
I was trapped in them,
until I could,
no more see them..

Then we stood,
ready to go..
We headed home,
our steps too slow..
As I lay,
on that night,
staring at the ceiling,
devoid of light..
I thought of the day,
and it dawned on me..
Sitting in the park,
for hours three,
not for once,
did I say a word,
nor from her,
was anything heard…

I called her up,
in regret basked..
“how was the day?”
I simply asked..
“It was the best..”
she started to say..
“Of all my days,
the best was today..
And thanks to you,
my sweetheart….
For telling me all,
for baring your heart..”


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