Siblings ( by Donna Watson )

Going to the restaurant with my sister on Saturday night: 

Hurry, get ready we’re meeting at 5.45. 

Two cars arriving but wonder who will drive?  

Are there starters for 2 pound 50? 

I would have said when I once was thrifty 

But things have changed and I’m no longer tight 

So let’s have a great time dining out tonight 

Two or three course meal and free flowing wine 

But get off the cheesecake cos that ones mine 

Chats galore, a part of the agenda 

Let’s talk about Nature reserves and how it’s almost November 

Our work and pensions, trips away 

Hope Covid settles now we do pray

An update on dad and general family stuff 

Then what series we are watching that may be enough 

I  won’t cry when I see the bill 

Good laughter and fun beats any pill

Time to say goodbye and go our separate way

See you again and soon we’ll plan our next meet up day  

Editor’s Note:

Both Donna and her sister Melanie Woolner are part of the Writers Assemble group-which is a Destiny Poets’ Community Development Project initiated in the Summer of 2019 & is presently hosted by The Junction Public House,Castleford.

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