Short blanket in the coldest night

Short blanket in the coldest night,
Trying to adjust but not quite,
Shivering and wiggling as cold did bite,
Just a moment in lifelong woeful plight.

Everything falls short of expectations,
Leaving us vexed with exasperation,
Making adjustments in every situation,
Facing life’s trials and tribulations

Adjust and squeeze in, if the world is unjust,
Just smile even if they betray your trust,
Adjust to things even if dreams get burst,
Just adjust and have no regrets nursed.

Wiggle and struggle to fit in to the blanket,
Adjust to situations in life’s gambit,
It is good to be away from comfort zone,
One can’t always occupy the throne.

© K.Radhakrishnan

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Poet K.Radhakrishnan lives in Bhopal city, India. Born on 4th November 1955. He is an underwriter by profession and worked as a senior level executive in NEWINDIA ASSURANCE, India's largest General Insurance Company till his retirement. He is engaged in consultant activities and insurance education. He has co-authored three insurance text books for NATIONAL COUNCIL OF EDUCATION, TRAINING AND RESEARCH(NCERT), INDIA. He has a passion for writing poetry which he pursued after retirement from his job. His first poetry book REFLECTION OF SOUL was published by LULU PRESS and is selling in Amazon and Barnes& Nobles His second book ERUPTION OF BOTTLED UP EMOTINS is under publication.

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