She will bend,
but not break.
She will stand, but not on any pedestal.

in moments,
she will tremble and fall, even cry out,
and her God will purge the soul.

She shall dance in her Autumn.
Sing louder than ever before.
Shout from the mountains of life,
‘Have Faith,
Another runs this show.’

Wear her best smile.
The prettiest dress.
Love with passion.
Live with laughter,
and hold within her heart, forever,                                                                                                 The Sunlight.

1 thought on “She

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    I don’t quite know why,but the line,” she shall dance in her Autumn” just struck me as particularly forceful.I really enjoyed the optimistic attitude of what seems a straightforward piece;which of course is always the hallmark of good poetry.

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