Taklamakan Desert  mummies


I have been into the Shadowlands,
Searching for sometime;
A thousand deaths – and then rebirth,
Yet, still I cannot find.
There are deserts now, where oceans flowed,
And fertile lands emerged;
Ice deserted mountains are what remains,
And poisoned tortured earth.

I have been into the Shadowlands,
With emperors and kings,
Seen them rise to mighty heights,
Then crumble down again.
I died at the siege of captured Troy,
Again, in the falling days of Rome,
I rode on the Steppes, with Genghis Khan
When half of the world we knew, he owned.

I have been into the Shadowlands,
And once I found you there,
Our life was short, but beautiful;
Until you disappeared.
Many times I thought I’d found you,
But they always turned out wrong,
You have come to me in many dreams,
But when I awake, you have already gone.

I have been into the Shadowlands,
And am destined to remain;
Another birth – a change of face –
Always a different name.
While you rest in your Shadowland
Where all things stay as one;
In life, you held such beauty,
I see in death, it has not gone.

Photo: “Loulan Beauty.” of the Taklamakan Desert. Discovered in 1980 experts confirmed that the woman lived some 3,800 years ago.

Fingleton ( 2016) (Löst Viking)öst-Viking/746104845419195

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