‘Bad to worse’ you said.
I fail to respond,I have no answer,

Silence has its own way to start conversation.
Words run in fear, letters in rage and despair,

Inked these facts on a torn page of the diary
Rough winds shake the windows, shake the trees.

Like a bird, you have to reach your goal
All that is lovely, all that is wonderful
We can only wander,debate on false and true love,

A flower blossoms…A leaf is born somewhere,
For you have lived through your dreams and desire.
A little wavy, the shadow on your changing face.

You come again after a long time and said
‘Things are not bad as they seem to be’.
I am all ears…I am able to listen.

Silence has its own way to end conversation.
Our shining eyes bare it all.

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About gopallahiri

Gopal Lahiri, a bilingual poet from India, has been writing poetry for more than twenty years. He has had five poetry collections in Bengali (mother tongue) and five collections in English. His poems appeared in print and electronic publications worldwide. He is a regular contributor of poems in several poetry web sites and magazines.

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  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Again,a well constructed,fine piece of work.Simply from a professional collegiate point of view as Editor,do try and lose your propensity to … , … can be substituted by , or by conflating the line itself.The technical finesse and modes of expression are self-evidently strong points.

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