Shaardiya Shubhechha

( Festive Greetings )

A lazy morning by a defunct river
Whose mudflats show the monsoon grasses tall
Waving their plumes of Kaasphool large and small
In North Winds causing a delicious shiver

Shaardiya , the Winter Navratra’s here
The Mother Goddess from the snowy peaks
Now lit by the sunrise in golden streaks
Has graciously descended to our sphere

Images of her slaying monstrous evil
As metaphoric as it’s forms are real
Fill all hearts as their belle ideal
For goodness just like evil is primeval

Some fast , most pray , all enjoy holidays
It’s time to introspect or to have fun
Goddess time is special for everyone
All use these holy days in their own ways

Fun outings and street food for all the young
Romance for some culture for others blooms
Markets are happy as their business booms
A song or prayer sits now on every tongue

Little girls prepare to be made much of
On Ashtami , dressed up and fed rich food
Showered with gifts and wished all that is good
Actually worshipped till they all run off

Next day, the Ninth , fasting formally ends
The Goddess slays the demon , and all’s well
At last the night when hearts in peace can dwell
The day that for all sorrows makes amends

Then Bijoya , Vijay Dashmi , Victory Day
When Ravana, Meghnad and Kumbhakarn
Slain by the arrows of Rama’s force burn
In public parks , and happiness holds sway

The humble joys of sucking sugarcane
Cooking and eating winter cauliflower
Nibbling on radish while the grown ups hover
Children enjoy and adults don’t refrain

The Goddess leaves , the joy gives way to tears
But we all know that she will come again
On Earth , there is no pleasure without pain
Ma’s parting smile allays our lingering fears

Shubho Bijoya we cry with strong belief
That Evil ever loses against Good
This basic tenet once more understood
Suffering Humanity finds deep relief

Shaardiya Shubbhecha to you ,Reader Friends !
The very best of wishes for the Season !
Faith gives us Joy and Hope far beyond Reason –
Your Poet with advance Shubho Bijoya ends !

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

6 thoughts on “Shaardiya Shubhechha

  1. Brindha Vinodh

    A faith-centred poem keeping in view the festive spirit of Navratri going on and celebrated widely in different forms but with the ultimate aim of the victory of good over evil
    and the demolition of demons and devilish attitudes by Goddess Devi/Durga.

    Happy Navratri and greetings of the season.

  2. Madhumathy

    The poem rooted in cultural ethos of the land upholds the spirit of Navratri and the triumph of good over evil.


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