Set Apart

I am a Child of God.

All that path entails.

Taking punches from the world,

for a love that never fails.


Looking to my Savior

for all I do not know.

Searching with discernment.

Praying i will grow.


Celebrating Christmas.

Big ‘C’ and lifted High.

The Advent of Salvation,

where brokenness draws nigh.


To heal, reveal all purpose.

AllĀ Hope, all chains release.

Amidst the chaos of it all

this Child of God finds Peace.


I will be a ‘Fool for Christ’.

Gladly sing His Name,

Cry a little knowing

I will never be the same.


Set apart,

and set aside

when every knee shall bow.

I run the race to see His Face,

God’s Grace to show me how.

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