What is this
I look at the fan
hung from the ceiling
in semi darkness of the turbulent, chilly night

It moves not.

Do you do semblance
with the whirling sky
As it Käufer away my joy
Neither, twinkle
the counts of my heart

What impacting
You do
Outreaching your hands –
A mere shadow.

You move not.

Are you taking a chance
by moments pause
To blow me
Ashen –
Nether to the world

© Tapeshwar Prasad


Käufer = Buyer

4 thoughts on “Semblance

  1. Amita Paul

    “The Kaufer Lab investigates molecular events that underlie brain plasticity and deterioration in the face of stress and neurological insults throughout life. While we are primarily a molecular neuroscience lab, we use interdisciplinary approaches ranging from cell culture to behavioral analysis, and frequently collaborate to expand our methods of analysis including high-resolution imaging, electrophysiology, and high-throughput methods. Under the umbrella of stress and blood-brain barrier research, we have a diverse array of past and current projects. “
    Kaufering in Germany was a sub camp of the notorious Dachau Concentration Camp of the Nazis under Hitler.
    The poem brings together many interesting concepts to bear upon a reflection on the contradictions of being and nothingness , reality and illusion , idea and object , motion and stillness , with an attempt to find meaning and coherence therein.

  2. Suma K Gopal

    It’s interesting to re-read the poem and several layers unwrap, slowly peeling back to allow for the hidden parts to emerge!


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