Seeker No More

i have been lost
now i’ve been found
used to look up the stars

and ask what direction should I go,
a labrynth laden with incantations beholded me.

why do these wandering feelings still manifest themselves?
in this spiral life continuously lingering at each corner
caught up in a daze, a frenzied state,
lost in a enormous maze.

confusion swirling my head
some hated my silence
but i turned a deaf ear to this abhorence,
they know nothing of this clamoring inside me.

don’t they know i’m in deep thoughts
but my timidity isn’t equated to being shallow
within the confines of this unassuming lass’ heart,
is a quiet but defiant thunderstorm.

raging through the veins, wants a life of it’s own
i tried to fit in my shadow to a world that’s too “perfect” for me
even gave in to mundane things,
but still i perceive there’s much more than these.

a Holy Hand lit a burning torch through my secret pathway
as i step into my newly-found sanctuary
my dreams are within an arm’s reach,
as i cast away my mystical wishes to the vast sea!

Elizabeth E. Castillo Copyright 2012

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