Second Innings

was of an amateur
with enthusiasm
on field
trying to run
as much as possible.

Energy channelized;
Sixes and fours
at every stage;
Applauses and patting
making days.

Few misses
more understanding.

With time
everything slowed down.
Clapping hands got tired.
Yet eyes were curious
to see the sustenance.

The only desire was
to play the final game
till the end
and win it too.

But standing firm
with experienced eyes
was all that required.

Second innings
are so important.

It’s here
one makes up
for the past losses
in lesser time
staying focused
on field of life,
aiming totally on goal,
i.e the victory.
© Aparna Pathak/ All Rights Reserved.

1 thought on “Second Innings

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The cricketing metaphors work well in what is a contemplative ,philosophical discourse on the trials and tribulations of existence. From an editorial point-of-view , the last two lines might be worth reconsidering . ” aiming totally on goal “, becomes in my opinion redundant when reading the next line , ” i.e. the victory”. ” i.e.” as indeed with any similar abbreviation does not work in a poem. Given the well structured narrative flow of the rest of the poem , a much shorter and succinct final line such as ,” aiming for victory” might well work better.

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