Scattered clouds on a July sky

Scattered clouds on a July sky
A perfect picture
Weather suits me today
A bit too perfect
Seems a kind of mockery
We keep up here the perfect resemblance of a summer
What you guys are doing down there is your business
Your virus, your trump shenanigans, your dictatorships Eastern or otherwise
Racisms and all kind of – isms
We, scattered and fluffy white, we don’t judge
We are the perfect clouds for a perfect summer
Wear your masks, keep the social distance
As we do
We are scattered as you all can see
A perfect summer up here
A very dark season for you
You all soon to be scattered

6 thoughts on “Scattered clouds on a July sky

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    If Mack the Knife had used poems instead of blades,this is what he would’ve used to leave his mark.
    Incisive,sardonic and aimed with peerless whetted precision slicing through the existential moment with inimtable poetic acumen.


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