Say Cheese !

The photographer said- say cheeeese!

Cheeese! Everyone flashed their yellow, not so yellow teeth

Armaan wondered, when it was the last time

That they were served cheese in dinner

Perhaps last to last year when that beautiful socialite had come

So happy they were, all the children at SMILE foundation

They were given new clothes, toys, some books

Everyone wanted that picture book

On the eatable page, there were cherries and pastry

Pastry, what was that! He asked the caretaker

Will we get it in dinner? Looks yummy!

The caretaker smiled

oh smile, is what they were taught to do

Pastry? Yes, one day. Don’t worry. We get paneer today!

In the meanwhile, the madam taught them to make artificial flowers

And said- my dear loves, you all are like these flowers

Keep smiling, no matter what. After all we should be thankful

To god for this wonderful life, why greet it with a sad face

When you smile, you make people around you happy

And you all look so pretty and handsome.

Armaan looked at Akram.

Gosh! He looks as much a crook, in fact more terrible while smiling

His bunny teeth seems ready to bite off them

When he comes to wake them up for work

And again smile please, say cheese!

She had pictures clicked with them, and then went off in her big car

Didn’t she say last time they will be given a ride in her car

Anyway it was time for dinner

But alas..paneer ! what is so great about it..

Sophia said- liar! It tastes like fried unripe banana chunks

I remember, the house in which I worked, they made it.

Oh no silly…this is paneer, cheese! And they all smiled

And then- thank you lord for the food we eat, thank you Lord for..

Why thank you, why smile ?

God did not give us mummy and papa, god did not give us cars

We don’t get pastries to eat,  we don’t go to school by bus!

Why smile to keep these people happy!


Photo session was over, Today SMILE had completed ten years

Spreading smiles to three hundred orphans

The best smiles were selected for the news cover

They were so happy, they will be in newspaper!

Armaan asked the caretaker

What do we get today?

We get paneer and tomorrow we go to meet the president!

In car? No, cars are small,  we go in a huge bus and eat chocolates on the way

Get your clothes ready. Happy?

Happy? No he wasn’t.

But he smiled, the widest grin ever

Why make faces, when nothing can be done

Smile, no matter what! Say CHEESE!


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About Swati Chandra

I write poetry now and then solely for myself, depending upon my mood and often I end up writing about social issues, though largely, I write to express my emotions that only my pen and the paper understand the most.

12 thoughts on “Say Cheese !

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The poem itself is more than just a pleasant divertissement,containing as it does insight and humour ; however some consideration must be given to overall length and the length of some lines. The point after all in poetry is that less should be more.

  2. Swati Chandra

    Thank you Louis and Julia for caring to read it and leaving a reply. Louis, Yes, my poems are generally long…i need to manage the length! i will ensure that my next poem is better. thank you people!

  3. Swati Chandra

    Thank You , Santosh and Vineetha! This is the fist time i have posted any of my poems for other poets to read and comment, as I am largely, a Facebook Poet ! 🙂

  4. Maya Dev

    A slice of reality put across beatifully…the unseen woes of orphans beneath their wide smile…Cheese.
    Swati Chandra…Enjoyed it well 🙂


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