Sadness: A jolly take?

Take sample of sadness
on a glass slide
a fearful ‘tree’
And zoom it, on
A microscope

These unseen corpuscles
jostle together
on a transparent slide

What can we say
of inside –
Veins, that
channel our worries

They say
is a measure of density
Agonize me
to clot my blood,

and of these samples –
A jolly take?

© Tapeshwar Prasad

5 thoughts on “Sadness: A jolly take?

  1. Amita Paul

    A poem full of sad irony , where a blood sample to measure clotting time becomes a metaphor for a “ jolly “ take on the intensity of sadness and density of worries that freeze or paralyse our sensibilities and ruin our physical health as well.

  2. Brindha Vinodh

    Metaphoric and ironically juxtaposed, this poem is a ‘jolly take’ on the sad state of emotions that one encounters in life.
    Very sensitively penned.


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