Sacrificial Offerings

We offered our eyes to the blind ,

but they didn’t want to see ;

We wanted to give our ears to the deaf ,

yet they had no desire to listen ;

We offered the use of our arms and legs to the limbless ,

but they didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything ;

We would have given the illiterate our words ,

We would have offered the dumb our voice ,

We would have given the aborted our lives ,

We’d even give The monochrome our colours ;

but there is no-one ,no-one ,no-one

to give anything to.

2 thoughts on “Sacrificial Offerings

  1. VijayNair

    In a dark ,dystopian universe , where tyranny rules, ”Sacrificial Offerings” are ironical in intent.The populace has been silenced.An understated powerful piece.

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