Running from Life

If I could, Life,
I’d run away from you!

I’d run, as speedily as a child
Fleeing from gangster clowns
Or from creatures of the depths
Surging up merely to drag me under!

I’d run, tearfully,
I’d run, broken hearted
For you disappointed me
And while you did so,
You brought me to be disappointed
With Earth and the comforting mother
She holds herself to be!

I’d run, as a poetess,
Running away from the Time structure
That makes you up
That binds me
To act as per the requirements of my age
Caring not,
For the fact that I remain
A torn up flower
Torn up by my own fate
Torn up by those hands
Who were meant to water me
As to allow me to bloom to exquisiteness!

I’d run, Life,
I’d run without giving myself second thoughts
I’d run,
Carrying with me a pot
To fill in with my tears
Tears which I would use
To write my own recommendations
To be given to the power who Creates
So that It sees for itself
Of how sorrowful a world you make up of, Life!

When my own Existence remains
Governed by lapses of time,
By thorns pricking my soles as I walk my path
By canon balls thrown at me from invisible enemies
By insects, seeking solely to see my heart bleed,
Why, Life,
Give me even one reason as to why
I should seek to tie myself further to you!

I know, I fell into your essence,
For a reason of which I myself
Is to be blamed
I fell, merely to escape from the clutches
Of my past existence
But I had not realized
That, you, Life,
Can be harsher than what I had run from
And you,
Remain over me,
As a hammer would over a nail!

If only I could, Life,
I’d run from you,
Fearing not the consequences of it
On my soul,
Fearing not the mess I would leave behind
Fearing not the broken pieces of myself
That I would leave myself
All of it would simply
Turn into dust, too fickle
To even adorn the darkness of the cosmos!

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