Running Away

I chose to run

Away from you

Your magnificence and benevolence

That ignites the burning desire inside

Puts my craving and passion on fire


I chose to run

Unsure, if the fire stays perpetual

Or, develops into a raging inferno

That scorches all, mind body and soul

Leaving behind a trifling mound of ash

Eventually blown away in a gust of

Wind and squall


I, so, chose to run

Away from your incandescent glow

Hitherto, burning desire intact

Your magnificence and benevolence

Still at large,

My craving and passion still on fire

Staying eternal and forever and ever and ever

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14 thoughts on “Running Away

  1. Sarala Ramkamal

    This passionate pell-mell run will end, no doubt, in the same place where it started … FIRE! None can be saved from it … well expressed.


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