Rose and Coconut

Once there was a rose and a coconut.
The rose was a rose,
the coconut was a coconut.
And life was good.

The rose gave flowers and its fragrance,
the coconut bore fruits and its water,
the rose was short and coconut grew tall,
and life was bliss.

One day the rose noticed the coconut
and took fancy to its height,
it then wanted to be tall,
and life was desire.

Slowly the rose evolved into something taller,
the flower became a hard fruit
and the rose lost its fragrance,
and desire was materialized.

The rose was neither tall enough
to be called a coconut,
nor fragrant enough to be a rose,
and the rose was now a Roconut.

The Roconut was now unhappy.
It was neither here nor there.
It prayed to be restored,
and life was remembrance.

Gradually, the fruit became softer
and the divine fragrance returned.
The rose was now short and in acceptance.
And life was good.

6 thoughts on “Rose and Coconut

  1. John A Fingleton

    A very nice near ‘fairy tail’ poem…..which simply explains desires in us all…most of which we do not need, once achived.

  2. VijayNair

    A fine, absorbing, allegorical poem underlining the need to be ourselves.After all, ”a rose is a rose is a rose”!


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