Rorke’s Drift (1879)

Slow as acorns time awakens ,

shadows lengthen ;

life and death flit

across the moon lit fields ,

waving flags at the staring moon’s face ,

lit by death’s silent flit across flags ,

waved by staring faces

flitting across silent shadows ,

of grass and death

of fields and their silence.

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2 thoughts on “Rorke’s Drift (1879)

  1. Keith Wallis

    Liked the frugality of the vocabulary with the repetition of ‘flit’ and ‘flag’ and ‘shadows’. Maybe instead of ‘silent shadows’ you could have reinforced it with ‘flagging shadows’ (or would that have been a step too far). But then ‘silence’ would have lost its ‘silent’ partner……oh dear, I’m rambling.

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