Room With A View

My favorite day
has no walls
doors of white
no shuttered windows
closed up tight
to stifle the cries

Crimson sunset
falls slowly
on the rippled sea
warm winds
bring back a part of me
I thought had died

Moonlight of glass
on a carpet of stars
soft silver hues
shadows hide and play
the soulful blues

within me
setting me

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About Suzanne Parlee

I have been writing poetry since I was a little girl. Now an adult I find such comfort in words, in books, and the written word in general. I am from New Brunswick, Canada, a province surrounded by The Bay Of Fundy, and The Saint John River, only one hour's drive from the Maine/USA border. Beautiful province!

6 thoughts on “Room With A View

  1. Lokesh Roy

    one of the very best by Suzzane;the title seeming familiar as synchronizing with the name of a holywood movie…however the poem oozes with a certain dreaminess that lurks in most of us but gets release either in a beautiful resort or more vividly with the help of such a poem – the choice is yours.

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Room with a view ” , might unintentionally evoke amongst some readers, connotations of E.M.Forster’s novel; but Suzanne’s poem emanates a distinctive and clear narrative of its own. Still waters run deep in this work and the lines ” on the rippled sea warm winds bring back a part of me ” are particularly poignant.

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