Romance’s Symphony

Love, to have come across your path

In this shadowy world,

Is naught but a boon from the skies!

You are my wings,

With your power, I shall be able to fly us up

To where clouds can’t be formed

To open the doors of there where we are meant to be!

You are my breath

You allow me to keep on living

In a world ruled by Death

A world, whose inhabitants blindly consider themselves

As having to be grateful for having been given life

Even if such remains laden with the pricks of an unknown power

Called Fate!

You are the beats of my heart

You allow me to love not only you

But myself and the life that has been imposed upon me

When I chose to fall down here, for the sake of our union!

Love, if I recount to you the meaning and the purpose

Of those eternal tunes emanating from the night sky

Tunes hoping, yearning, to have us awakened to them

As to realise that we are meant to remain

Tangled in each other’s arms, held safe by the will of the skies,

Will you believe in my words?

Love, though you are human in form,

You are much more than this,

You remain, for me, the other half of my soul,

That which I require to be complete

The warmth and the passion that I need

To realise that life can be as pleasant

As is a free flowing love poem when spoken it is

On a clear summer night, surrounded by gurgling river water

And an orchestra of nocturnal elements!

Love, I am drenched in anticipation,

I have yearned for you since more than a decade

It was hard, I broke down several times

Only to surge up again as a rising sea typhoon

Set into motion by the celestial powers!

Love, when the Gods desire to see us being each other’s drive

Pray, break down the walls surrounding your heart

Break them down and build a bridge for me

I shall cross it and settle there

Ruling it with tenderness so powerful

As to have you desire more and more

Of me!

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