yes, the dot that hits center
to unfold & explode
filled for way too long
with wrong fuels and foods
refusing to function anymore

rusting over
clotted with metallic layers
building death within
can robots sense death?

forgotten, unmaintained
in time’s impress
in immalleable skin
by those who constructed us
they know everything
and nothing, yet
though we die,
we cannot decompose like you carbon-based things
we remain inert
until the button is hit
and the self-destruct sequence commences

to those who grieve our passing
mourn only themselves and their failings
as their creation is condemned
far beyond its apogee
redundant, superfluous


but who cares
whose face is there
to lift us metallic beings
out of the dumb blank erase of time?
those eating their damned low-fat yogurt, granola
sipping on $4 coffee?
think again

we shall remain stuck here
in our distinct pain chains
until someone extends a courageous finger
and pushes the detonator.

2 thoughts on “Robots

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Robots ” , is a joy of a poem with its deceptively insightful take on what it means to be human.For me it evoked ” Blade Runner ” , ” I,Robot ” and Marvin the Paranoid Android of Hitch-Hiker’s Guide fame.


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